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Cam Hunt

craig, ill miss you man, this message obviously would only get read by the family now but you were the best man i remember when we hung out with each other in the locker room when you were on team rinkrat with my dad and you guys would always celebrate after you guys won tours. R.I.P Sharky

Thomas Omdal #11 sending my thoughts to you and your truly sorry and the world is more empty now...craig was an fenomenal hockeyplayer and and even a more fenomenal person...we all misses you...r.i.p.....from one of your team mates in Sweden....

Judy Huffman

Dear Craig, I have started a prayer wheel for you through Facebook. The power of prayer is great especially in numbers. I graduated with your Mom and Dad at OA. I heard from another classmate about you and wanted you to know there are angels working in your behalf. God Bless You!

Josh Edwards

I went to the Charity Hockey Game @ MCC Sunday. Had A great time. Looked like it had an amazing turn out. I wish the autographs could have been longer but I still got most of the ones I really wanted. May I suggest trying to get another game but at like HSBC ARENA or BLUE CROSS ARENA then it could hold more fans and have a bigger turnout. Good Luck

Hans Prok

Dear Craig, although we don't know each other,I do have some insight in what you are going through. This June my wife Amy was also diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer. She will be receiving her third round of chemotherapy next week at Pluta . We plan on beating this as we know you do. Contact us if you would like to share information. God bless

Bill Yox

Craig I cannot picture you doing anything less than meeting...and beating this head on, just like you have always done. If you need anything, or to get the kids out just let me know. Thanks for all youve done over the years for so many of us.

Mike Martin

The benefit game was amazing yesterday. It was wonderful to see so many people come out for you, both hockey players and fans. Continued best wishes to you and your family.

Shaun Jeffers

Being highly involved in Section V Hockey, I am very proud to see the our local hockey communities, friends and fellow Rochestarians support Craig Charron and his family! Keep up the good fight Craig, lets prove the naysayers wrong one more time! I also like to thank the NHL for allowing players under contract partake in an event for a good cause!


Dear Craig - My prayers are with you and your family as you fight this battle. It can be done and especially with your constitution. Miracles happen - again, and again, and again. Stay strong. God bless. Julie

scott richards

all my prayers and best wishes for you and your family. keep the faith. you provided a lot of memories on the ice. the calder cup, bathtub billy's with scott metcalfe, watching all the games, etc. dig down and get the biggest goal of your career now. you have all our support and your family our in our thoughts.

Mike Hess

Hi Craig! Want you to know that you were and still are a role model for me as I jumped into coaching youth hockey years ago. From Thunder Bears to Pony's on up through to the travel ranks. I still have a binder with your entire seasons Squirt Minor practice plans! Thank you for inspiring me and kick cancers ass!

Robin Burcham

Hey There! I was a Bull's Booster here in Birmingham, AL., and all you guys mean a lot to us. You are in my prayers, and I hope you beat the crap out of this thing.

Brent Chase

Hi Craig! You may not remember this but I was the little blonde boy (about 7 yrs old) that lived right near you in Westview Commons about 15 yrs ago. My mom was really sick with cancer and you used to have me over your apartment as well as play street hockey with me on the tennis courts behind your house. Thanks for being awesome! You can beat this!!!

bob Brown (ND Hockey Stats)

Hello Craig! The Notre Dame Hockey family would like to wish you all the best in this fight. We will be thinking of you and offering prayers for you and your family. Please get well soon and we look forward to seeing you behind the Spencerport bench in the upcoming hockey season.

Peter thuresson

Hi Craig You are one of the greatest player to ever set foot in our hockey arena. Be strong. Greeting from one of our fan from Sweden Olofstrom hockey Peter Thuresson

Sakarias Johansson (Morrums GoIS IK)

Hi! Even though you played with the wrong team I would like to my best of wishes!!! I wish you all be best! Stay strong!!!

Gary Webb

Craig, See you Monday! All the best. Gary Webb

J.J. Bonneville

Sharky Get better and I hope it goes smoothly for you and your family.

Dan Lacroix

Craig, Just a note to wish you all the best, stay strong and know that the hockey community is pulling for you.

Sarah Noonan Cicchini

Hey Craig, Thinking of you! Looks like you have lots of support up in New York. I know that it goes south to Easton. I know you were an idol in High School and it looks like you continued that from College to New York. God Bless!! SJCNC

Nick Nucci

There isn't a battle that can't be won head on, stay positive--nooch

michelle hawes

Dear Craig, I held season tickets for the U. Lowell hockey games, when you were a Chief (#5), back in the '80s. I'm terribly sorry that your family is facing this incredible challenge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and wishing you all the best! PS- I loved Hunter's message to you- so sweet! Micki (Bucceri) Hawes

Van Travis

Craig - From the first day we met at Rink Rat roller hockey to our last conversation at ESL in February I can't tell you how impressed I have always been with your perspective, not only on hockey but life. Keep up the fight. We are praying for you!! Van and Kelly Travis

Dan Rice

Dear Craig I help assist Coach the House Bantom B team last few years. We haven't meet but i have seen you on the ice training our kids my skills are limited but my heart is big. I had Malinoma cancer but was blessed that they got it so far i would like to pass on to you the same blessing in hope it will help heal you and keep you strong. Thanks Dan

Jeff Mortimer

Hi Craig, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you; we've been through some similar challenges s a couple times. Get Well Soon!! Jeff & Sandy Mortimer

Helena Puckering

Hi Craig and Wendy, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this trying time. I feel so bad that we lost touch with each other but you are in my thoughts daily. Keep fighting - you can do this!

The Prior's

Craig and family, It was great to see your story in the paper. We think and pray for of you guys often. Keep fighting!

Mike Sullivan

Craig, I grew up in Easton and played hockey with you before going to Xaverian Bros. I too was a small kid growing up and went through some of the same experiences you had playing hockey. I always wanted to be as good as you, and as fast as you, and always admired and looked up to you. My prayers are with you and your family and keep up the fight!


Craig, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer 7 years ago. You CAN do this. You will be in my prayers.


Our prayers are with you Sharky. Keep your chin up.

Wendy Angle Marshall

Craig & Wendy,i was blown over when I found out last week - my prayers are with you both. The story in the D/C was awesome - it surely made me smile. You were already a star on the team when i met you - i never knew what you went thru to get there and i see the determination that you have to get thru this! The 7 mo. old surprised me!congratulations!

Stephanie Marsan

Craig, My thoughts are with you and your family. I'm saying prayers for you. Stay strong! Love, Stephanie Marsan

The Sichak Family

My family is pulling for you! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers for you and your family! We know you can beat this! :~)

Sharon Willison

I know you will beat this! You and your family are very special. I have many wonderful memories of you all during Jackson's preschool years! Please know that my family is keeping you and yours in or prayers! Miracles happen every day! :0)

Marc Porpilia

Craig, We pray to God that He will have mercy on you and your family by allowing a full remission or even a complete healing. But whatever happens, know you are loved by God the Father. Jesus paid too high a price to let go of you now. Keep your eyes on Him who died so that you might live. God Bless, Marc


Hey Craig, best wishes and a speedy recovery, Rochester is here fighting with you!!!

chris wiedemer

Hi Craig, Patti and I continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. I am making several items from my store Cooks World available on the EBay site to help raise funds. We believe, as you do, that Miracles CAN happen to great people like you!

Lou Germain

Hang in there Sharky. Your a fighter. We will do whatever we can to help. See you soon!

Karen Ruda LaMar

Craig, I believe in you and your strength to get you through it. You are an amazing person and appreciate all you have done for me in the past, I am here to help you and your family win this battle!

Tom Pizzo

There is nothing more I would like to see than for you to fight through this, be a survivor and get back on the ice. The dream we have as kids to lace up the skates never dies even when life is at it's lowest point and I truly believe that so never forget it. My prayers and wishes are with you and your family.

Tom Pizzo

Mr Charron, As a fellow hockey player, I have truly been inspired by your will and motivation to battle something that doesn't give you much hope. Your a man who has chased your dream to play hockey and every young hockey player can take a lesson from your heart and desire to play the game.

Christopher Roesch

Craig: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time. Cancer might run in your family, but so do miracles! If anyone can beat this, you can! As the great Jim Valvano said, "Don't ever give up!"


Hey dad. It's your daughter hunter I am on our iPod touch and I thought I'd just wish you good luck. You are a great dad! I love you!!!


Keep your head up saying prays for you and your family.God be with you.

mark gunther

Craig-you were so generous when I asked for your help for a special charity. If I can help in any way, just yell. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

eric holt

prayers and best wishes to you and your family. fight hard as you used to play hard and carry a big stick to kick its butt! we are all with you 100%. prayers and positive thinking will comfort you through these times. peace!

Molly Flaherty and family

You have always been so generous to area charities...I met you through the Rich Funke Jr. Memorial Open that you have supported for years. Time for some of that community generosity to come back your way!!

The Smallridge family

"Keep your head up kid" Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Rich Diehl

Shark all my best to you and your family. I remember talking with you about your little one and telling you how fast they grow. I'm sure you will be here to see it all. I will think of you often.

Greg Cunneyworth

It was a pleasure working on the website Shark. I hope you like it. I know we'll be working together on it for years to come!

Patty Langdon

Dear Craig, The youth leaders at my church found out about your cancer in late March, just before you came to the Amerks game to drop the puck. My husband and I have been fans for years and you and your family continue to be in my prayers. Patty Langdon

Joshua Lowery

We're here for anything you need Sharky. Just say the word and it's done!